Summer School 2002
Alan Roach has asked me to co-ordinate the planning of the Summer School. I would like to hold a quick meeting to ensure that I know exactly who is doing what and when.I realise people might start disappearing in the next couple of weeks, so I would like to organise something ASAP. To indicate your preferred choice of time(s), please fill in the form below:


Please indicate session choice
Wednesday June 26th am
Wednesday June 26th pm
Thursday June 27th am
Thursday June 27th pm
Friday June 28th am
Friday June 28th pm
Monday July 1st am
Monday July 1st pm
Tuesday July 2nd am
Tuesday July 2nd pm
Wednesday July 3rd am
Wednesday July 3rd pm
Thursday July 4th am
Thursday July 4th pm
Friday July 5th am
Friday July 5th pm
Please indicate any comments in the box below (e.g. preferences etc):