Various Schools Visits June 2002
A number of schools' visits are planned for the weeks commencing 10th June and 17th June. Some are based on the radioactivity labs format and the others will be more geared towards Physics with Medical Technology. All will take place in the first year lab, C331.In general the morning session is from 10 12 and the afternoon session from 1 3 (although some days are slightly different). Your help would be greatly appreciated. To indicate your preferred choice of session(s), please fill in the form below:


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Monday June 10th am
Monday June 10th pm
Tuesday June 11th pm
Wednesday June 12th am
Wednesday June 12th pm
Thursday June 13th am
Thursday June 13th pm
Friday June 14th am
Friday June 14th pm
Monday June 17th am
Monday June 17th pm
Tuesday June 18th am
Tuesday June 18th pm
Wednesday June 19th am
Wednesday June 19th pm
Thursday June 20th am
Thursday June 20th pm
Friday June 21st am
Friday June 21st pm
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