JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Ed. 5.0

Class CurrentHelper

  extended by org.omg.PortableInterceptor.CurrentHelper

public abstract class CurrentHelper
extends Object

Portable Interceptors Current (also known as PICurrent) is merely a slot table, the slots of which are used by each service to transfer their context data between their context and the request's or reply's service context. Each service which wishes to use PICurrent reserves a slot or slots at initialization time and uses those slots during the processing of requests and replies.

Before an invocation is made, PICurrent is obtained via a call to ORB.resolve_initial_references( "PICurrent" ). From within the interception points, the data on PICurrent that has moved from the thread scope to the request scope is available via the get_slot operation on the RequestInfo object. A PICurrent can still be obtained via resolve_initial_references, but that is the Interceptor's thread scope PICurrent.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static Current extract(Any a)
static String id()
static void insert(Any a, Current that)
static Current narrow(Object obj)
static Current read(InputStream istream)
static TypeCode type()
static Current unchecked_narrow(Object obj)
static void write(OutputStream ostream, Current value)
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Constructor Detail


public CurrentHelper()
Method Detail


public static void insert(Any a,
                          Current that)


public static Current extract(Any a)


public static TypeCode type()


public static String id()


public static Current read(InputStream istream)


public static void write(OutputStream ostream,
                         Current value)


public static Current narrow(Object obj)


public static Current unchecked_narrow(Object obj)

JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Ed. 5.0

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