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Interface HasControls

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public interface HasControls

This interface is for returning controls with objects returned in NamingEnumerations. For example, suppose a server sends back controls with the results of a search operation, the service provider would return a NamingEnumeration of objects that are both SearchResult and implement HasControls.

   NamingEnumeration elts =, filter, sctls);
   while (elts.hasMore()) {
        Object entry =;

        // Get search result 
        SearchResult res = (SearchResult)entry;
        // do something with it 

        // Get entry controls
        if (entry instanceof HasControls) {
            Control[] entryCtls = ((HasControls)entry).getControls();
            // do something with controls


Method Summary
 Control[] getControls()
          Retrieves an array of Controls from the object that implements this interface.

Method Detail


Control[] getControls()
                      throws NamingException
Retrieves an array of Controls from the object that implements this interface. It is null if there are no controls.

A possibly null array of Control objects.
NamingException - If cannot return controls due to an error.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Ed. 5.0

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