JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Ed. 5.0

Interface Referenceable

public interface Referenceable

This interface is implemented by an object that can provide a Reference to itself.

A Reference represents a way of recording address information about objects which themselves are not directly bound to the naming system. Such objects can implement the Referenceable interface as a way for programs that use that object to determine what its Reference is. For example, when binding a object, if an object implements the Referenceable interface, getReference() can be invoked on the object to get its Reference to use for binding.

See Also:
Context.bind(javax.naming.Name, java.lang.Object), NamingManager.getObjectInstance(java.lang.Object, javax.naming.Name, javax.naming.Context, java.util.Hashtable), Reference

Method Summary
 Reference getReference()
          Retrieves the Reference of this object.

Method Detail


Reference getReference()
                       throws NamingException
Retrieves the Reference of this object.

The non-null Reference of this object.
NamingException - If a naming exception was encountered while retrieving the reference.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Ed. 5.0

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