JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Ed. 5.0
Interface JMXConnectorServerProvider

public interface JMXConnectorServerProvider

A provider for creating JMX API connector servers using a given protocol. Instances of this interface are created by JMXConnectorServerFactory as part of its newJMXConnectorServer method.


Method Summary
 JMXConnectorServer newJMXConnectorServer(JMXServiceURL serviceURL, Map<String,?> environment, MBeanServer mbeanServer)
          Creates a new connector server at the given address.

Method Detail


JMXConnectorServer newJMXConnectorServer(JMXServiceURL serviceURL,
                                         Map<String,?> environment,
                                         MBeanServer mbeanServer)
                                         throws IOException

Creates a new connector server at the given address. Each successful call to this method produces a different JMXConnectorServer object.

serviceURL - the address of the new connector server. The actual address of the new connector server, as returned by its getAddress method, will not necessarily be exactly the same. For example, it might include a port number if the original address did not.
environment - a read-only Map containing named attributes to control the new connector server's behaviour. Keys in this map must be Strings. The appropriate type of each associated value depends on the attribute.
mbeanServer - the MBean server that this connector server is attached to. Null if this connector server will be attached to an MBean server by being registered in it.
a JMXConnectorServer representing the new connector server. Each successful call to this method produces a different object.
NullPointerException - if serviceURL or environment is null.
IOException - if the connector server cannot be created.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Ed. 5.0

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