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Interface NotificationEmitter

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CounterMonitor, GaugeMonitor, JMXConnectorServer, MBeanServerDelegate, Monitor, NotificationBroadcasterSupport, RelationService, RequiredModelMBean, RMIConnectorServer, StringMonitor, Timer

public interface NotificationEmitter
extends NotificationBroadcaster

Interface implemented by an MBean that emits Notifications. It allows a listener to be registered with the MBean as a notification listener.

This interface should be used by new code in preference to the NotificationBroadcaster interface.


Method Summary
 void removeNotificationListener(NotificationListener listener, NotificationFilter filter, Object handback)
          Removes a listener from this MBean.
Methods inherited from interface
addNotificationListener, getNotificationInfo, removeNotificationListener

Method Detail


void removeNotificationListener(NotificationListener listener,
                                NotificationFilter filter,
                                Object handback)
                                throws ListenerNotFoundException

Removes a listener from this MBean. The MBean must have a listener that exactly matches the given listener, filter, and handback parameters. If there is more than one such listener, only one is removed.

The filter and handback parameters may be null if and only if they are null in a listener to be removed.

listener - A listener that was previously added to this MBean.
filter - The filter that was specified when the listener was added.
handback - The handback that was specified when the listener was added.
ListenerNotFoundException - The listener is not registered with the MBean, or it is not registered with the given filter and handback.

JavaTM 2 Platform
Standard Ed. 5.0

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