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java.awt Contains all of the classes for creating user interfaces and for painting graphics and images. 

Uses of BufferCapabilities.FlipContents in java.awt

Fields in java.awt declared as BufferCapabilities.FlipContents
static BufferCapabilities.FlipContents BufferCapabilities.FlipContents.BACKGROUND
          When flip contents are BACKGROUND, the contents of the back buffer are cleared with the background color after flipping.
static BufferCapabilities.FlipContents BufferCapabilities.FlipContents.COPIED
          When flip contents are COPIED, the contents of the back buffer are copied to the front buffer when flipping.
static BufferCapabilities.FlipContents BufferCapabilities.FlipContents.PRIOR
          When flip contents are PRIOR, the contents of the back buffer are the prior contents of the front buffer (a true page flip).
static BufferCapabilities.FlipContents BufferCapabilities.FlipContents.UNDEFINED
          When flip contents are UNDEFINED, the contents of the back buffer are undefined after flipping.

Methods in java.awt that return BufferCapabilities.FlipContents
 BufferCapabilities.FlipContents BufferCapabilities.getFlipContents()

Methods in java.awt with parameters of type BufferCapabilities.FlipContents
protected  void Component.FlipBufferStrategy.flip(BufferCapabilities.FlipContents flipAction)
          Flipping moves the contents of the back buffer to the front buffer, either by copying or by moving the video pointer.

Constructors in java.awt with parameters of type BufferCapabilities.FlipContents
BufferCapabilities(ImageCapabilities frontCaps, ImageCapabilities backCaps, BufferCapabilities.FlipContents flipContents)
          Creates a new object for specifying buffering capabilities

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