COMP2056 - Routing and Router Configuration


The Wiring Closet from Hell


A Subnet Example: The Movie
CCNA2 Module 3 - Configuring a Router: The Movie
CCNA2 Module 11 - Access Control Lists: The Movie

Useful Reading

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Cisco Systems, CCNA 1 and 2 Companion Guide, Cisco Press 2005, ISBN 1587131609. Pretty much a printout of the Cisco online materials but can be read in the bath. Written in a very "wordy" style, ie you need to read a lot to learn a little.
Hall E A, Internet Core Protocols, O'Reilly 2000, ISBN 1565925726. Very good reference on the fine details of a number of protocols. However doesn't line up well with the Cisco curriculum.
Boney J, Cisco IOS in a Nutshell 2e, O'Reilly 2005, ISBN 0596008694. Very much a reference book on Cisco IOS commands. Has a few descriptive chapters at the beginning that are written in a much more concise style than Cisco books.
Sedayao J, Cisco IOS Access Lists, O'Reilly 2001, ISBN 1565923855
Malhotra R, IP Routing, O'Reilly 2002, ISBN 0596002750. A little hard to read but has some good information written in a much more concise style than Cisco books. More use for CCNA3 than CCNA2.


Tool Download Comment
TextPad (evaluation) .exe Good programmer's text editor; superior replacement for Notepad (not free).
Wireshark (formerly Ethereal) .exe Very useful open-source packet sniffer.
Solar Winds TFTP Server .exe This is useful for saving router configurations that you might want to use again. Saved configurations can be edited using Textpad.
Cisco config-register decoder .exe Utility for working out router configuration register settings.
Cisco Packet Tracer simulator .exe Useful for simulating small networks such as those used in the labs. Nice graphical user interface.
Cisco router simulator .exe, FAQ Useful for practicing using the router CLI without a real router.

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