COMP1005 - Introduction to Visual Programming

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(roll over images to get Amazon buying information)
Halvorson V, Visual Basic 2005 Step by Step, Microsoft Press, Oct 2005, ISBN 0735621314. Recommended purchase, good on the visual aspects but less so on object oriented concepts.
Willis T, Newsome B, Beginning VB .NET 2005, Wrox Press, 2005, ISBN 0764574019. Possible alternative purchase if Halvorson not available. Sample Chapter: Chap 1 - Welcome to Visual Basic 2005.
McMonnies A, Object-Oriented Programming in Visual Basic .NET, Addison-Wesley, 2004, ISBN 0201787059. Not really a beginners book but excellent if you want to study Visual Basic .NET in more depth than we do in this module.
Liberty J, Learning Visual Basic .NET, O'Reilly, 2003, ISBN 0-596-00386-2. Excellent introductory book but unfortunately only refers to console applications, nothing in it about visual controls. Sample Chapter: Chap 2 - Getting Started with VB.NET.
Anderson T, Visual Basic .NET in Easy Steps, Computer Step, 2002, ISBN 1840781319. One to avoid, an example of a book that doesn't explain anything properly but is cheap and has lots of pictures to colour in.


VB.NET 2005 Express Edition is available as a free download from: here. This is a cut-down version of the VB.NET 2005 that is installed in the lab but has all the features that we need for this module. You can also purchase VB.NET 2005 Express Edition on CD from Amazon either with a Wrox Book or with a Microsoft Book neither of which I particularly recommend.

Lab Program

The lab program works in parallel with the lecture program. The general format is to give you some example programs to type in, compile, and run before getting you to write some small programs. The example programs provide you with constructs which you should be able to use directly, or adapt, to help you in the exercises. Tip: to save on typing copy and paste the code examples from the online labsheets. Support files can be saved by right-clicking on them and selecting Save Target as...

Wk LabSheet (MS Word) Support Files
1 Using the Integrated Development Environment
2 Writing Simple Visual Applications
3 Programs that Make Decisions
4 Programs that use Loops
5 The Visual Interface picture.exe, Image Files: 1 2 3 4
6 Lab Test
7 Arrays, Queues, and Stacks snooker.exe, postit.exe
8 More on User Interface Design fridge.exe, hotstuff.exe, status.exe
9 Menus and Multiple Forms carshare.exe
10 Text Files
11 Console and Web Applications Pizza.vb
12 Coursework Submission Session

Pub Quiz (MS Internet Explorer only)

Specialist Topic - Visual Programming, rounds: 1 2 3 4 5 6