Worksheet 9.1.4: RAID

  1. This is where a RAID disk controller is used.
  2. The network server performs in software the work that would be done by the RAID disk controller

Worksheet 9.4.3 Adding Processors

  1. Manufacturers information (from website)
    1. follow the upgrade checklist
    2. open the chassis (following good ESD practice)
    3. insert the new processor(s)
    4. close the chassis
    5. upgrade the system BIOS
    6. upgrade the operating system to recognise multiple processors
    7. verify new processor is recognised by hardware and operating system
  2. HAL
  3. Spec number ("s" plus 5 digits)
  4. True
  5. yes
  6. Linux kernel must be rebuilt with SMP=1 in makefile
  7. cat/proc/cpuinfo