Worksheet 12.1.4: Environmental Considerations

  1. They contain toxic materials such as mercury and lead.
  2. They contain toxic materials such as lead together with other materials such as plastics and barium which are harmful to the environment.
  3. If released into the atmosphere these chemicals cause significant damage. Some aerosols don't get completely used up and hence can explode when exposed to heat.
  4. refilled, recycled
  5. Material Safety Data Sheets
  6. To highlight hazards associated with the products and to give information on how to handle them safely.
    1. hazardous ingredients
    2. reactivity data, including fire and explosion data
    3. spill or leak procedures
    4. health hazard information

Worksheet 12.2.1: Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

  1. ElectroStatic Discharge
  2. 5
  3. antistatic bags
  4. wrist straps
  5. low
  6. higher
  7. ground
  8. 20% and 50%
  9. wrist strap

Worksheet 12.3.5: Preventative Maintenance for Components

  1. cleaning
  2. statically
  3. corrosion
  4. Compressed air
  5. definitions
  6. cool
    1. The complete loss of power for any amount of time.
    2. A reduction in power for any amount of time.
    3. Interference from radio broadcasts, motors/generators, and lighting.
    4. A sudden increase in voltage that is much higher than normal levels (very short lived).
    5. A brief increase in voltage useually caused by demand fluctuation in the local power grid.
    6. Used to clamp voltage below a certain level, mostly used to stop spikes.
    7. A power supply with backup battery to supply power after incoming voltage drops below a normal level.
    8. A power supply with battery power that maintains output at normal levels when input power fails.