ENIC4023 - Networked Embedded Systems Development


Following a last running in session 2005/06, this module has been scrapped by the University of Paisley. Please Email any enquiries to: john-ee0@paisley.ac.uk

Useful Reading

  • Harold E R, Java Network Programming 2e, O'Reilly 2000, ISBN 1-56592-870-9 Bookbrain
  • Hall E A, Internet Core Protocols, O'Reilly 2000, ISBN 1-56992-572-6 Bookbrain
  • Eisenreich D & DeMuth B, Designing Embedded Internet Devices, Newnes 2003, ISBN 1-878707-98-1 Bookbrain
  • Loomis D, The TINI Specification and Developers Guide, Addison-Wesley 2001, ISBN 0-201-72218-6
  • Cadenhead R, Teach Yourself Java 2 in 24 Hours, Sams, online

Lab Program

The lab program works in parallel with the lecture program. The general format is to give you some example programs to type in, compile, and run before getting you to write some small programs. The example programs provide you with constructs which you should be able to use directly, or adapt, to help you in the exercises. Tip: to save on typing copy and paste the code examples from the online labsheets.

Wk LabSheet (MS Word)
1 Console Applications
2 Object-Oriented Programming 1
3 Object-Oriented Programming 2
4 Exceptions
5 Threads
6 File I/O
7 Network Utilities (IP Address Calculator)
8 TCP Sockets
9 UDP and IGMP
10 TINI 1
11 TINI 2
12 TINI 3

Pub Quiz (MS Internet Explorer only)

Specialist Topic - Java Programming, rounds: 1 2 3
Specialist Topic - TCP/IP Networking, rounds: 1 2 3
Specialist Topic - Embedded Systems, round: 1


Example Exercise