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In the "black box" concept ...

we only know what goes in
we only know what comes out
we only know what happens inside
we know what goes in and comes out
we know everything that happens

A console application implements ...

edit boxes
radio buttons
check boxes
none of the above

C is ...

a high level language
a compiled language
a structured programming language
all of the above
none of the above


/* this is a valid comment in C */
{this is a valid comment in C}
-- this is a valid comment in C
%-- this is a valid comment in C --%
\* this is a valid comment in C *\

#include is a ...

post-processor directive
pre-processor directive
C-processor directive
host-processor directive
string-processor directive

The statement: double cream;;

is a boolean expression
performs a multiplication by 2
is an assignment statement
is syntactically incorrect
is a variable declaration

The statement: printf("Hello\n");;

is a function call
outputs to the console
requires inclusion of the stdio library
outputs "Hello" plus a new line
all of the above

The body of a function in C is contained within ...

round brackets ()
curly brackets {}
square brackets []
angle brackets <>
begin ... end

The assignment operator in C is ...


The division operator in C is ...


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