COMP3034 - Introduction to C Programming

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Useful Reading

The book by Kernighan & Ritchie is recognised as a classic on C programming and is an excellent reference; however it is very concise in style and so not a good introductory text. It is recommended that you instead purchase Zhang's book which is quite readable (and cheap!). Reference to Zhang's book will be made during the lecture program.

Lab Program

The lab program works in parallel with the lecture program. The general format is to give you some example programs to type in, compile, and run before getting you to write some small programs. The example programs provide you with constructs which you should be able to use directly, or adapt, to help you in the exercises. Tip: to save on typing copy and paste the code examples from the online labsheets.

Wk LabSheet (MS Word)
1 The Visual C++ Development Environment
2 Program I/O
3 User Defined Functions
4 Control Structures
5 Revision Exercise
6 Arrays
7 Lab Test
8 Characters and Strings
9 Pointers
10 Structures
11 File I/O
12 Coursework Panic Session

Pub Quiz (MS Internet Explorer only)

Specialist Topic - The C Programming language, rounds: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Example Exercise

Exercise Description Sample Data File