Dr. Mark Davison,
School of Computing,
University of Paisley,
High Street,
PA1 2BE.
Office: H121
Tel: + 44 141 848 3605
Fax: + 44 141 848 3616


I'm active in both Physics and Networking & Multimedia. In the Physics Division it's all sorts of things from first year general physics and labs (hence the material in the experiment menu ) to lasers (physics, engineering and applications) and project supervision in the final year. I also teach introductory computer use, HTML, Frontpage and JavaScript. I'm interested in Linux/Apache for Perl, PHP, MySQL applications so I supervise honours projects in these areas.


Nuclear physics, optical instrumentation.


Normally I teach here in Paisley, but I visited the Fachbereich Elektrotechnik at the HTWK-Leipzig to discuss our popular student exchange programmes for academic study, work placements and projects. The HTWK-Leipzig students have enthusiastically taken up the opportunity to study and live in Scotland and we are proud of their achievements here.

In Leipzig I presented a short series of lectures and I think this was an interesting and useful experience of technical English for the students. On a more personal level, I very much enjoyed meeting the staff and students at the HTWK-Leipzig, living in such a lively city and travelling in Saxony. It was also a great chance for me to practice my German!


Learning German at the Goethe-Insitut in Glasgow, winter walking (Scottish Avalanche Information Service) and rock climbing (leading 6a/6b indoors or short VS and multi-pitch VD outside).

© Mark Davison, 2001.

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