Guidelines for the use of student Web space

  1. This server must only be used for course related work and cannot be used to host personal, private or commercial materials.

  2. Students should act responsibly in the use of this facility and should not engage in any activities which are unreasonable or, of course, unlawful. The latter includes hosting of copyrighted materials, which could result in legal action.

  3. The space available is limited by the large numbers of students using this server and so care should be taken that individual students do not place excessively large files or numbers of files on the server.

  4. It is the individual student's responsibility to ensure that they have a backup copy of any of the materials they place on the server. The Web space provided is not a guaranteed service and the department cannot be held liable for any material lost as a result of the server crashing or other technical problems. If submitting a piece of work for assessment, make sure you have an up to date copy on your own backup discs.

  5. Students must not attempt to access others' Web space or to disclose their username and password to anyone else.

  6. Breaches of these rules, those of the computing service, the department or any irresponsible activity will result in the immediate suspension of the server facility and disciplinary action being taken.